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October 7, 2012marcelBlog0

With the presidential elections looming around the corner, the critical role of elections in a democratic society cannot be forgotten.  That is why Jeff and I value our role as Impartial Election Administrators to labor organizations.  We have been providing impartial election services to labor organizations for over 3 decades. In addition to serving as Impartial Referendum Officers for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, we have conducted a wide variety of elections for labor groups:

  • Officer and Delegate elections
  • Ratification of Contract Terms
  • Private Elections to Determine Majority Status
  • Neutrality Agreements & Card Checks

Among the election services we provide:

  • Conducting the nominations meeting
  • Preparing and printing all election materials

Mail ballot services including:

  • Certifying the printing, stuffing, and mailing of ballots
  • Managing the duplicate ballot process
  • Counting the Ballots
  • Certifying the Election Results

On Site Election Services including:

  • Drafting the Election Ground Rules
  • Resolving all Election Disputes
  • Serving as Election Arbitrator
  • Counting the Ballots & Certifying the Election Results

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